Condo/Priority Jobs

Note: we do not provide users condo access by default if their group/PI has a condo on the system. You will have to explicitly request a condo access and we will ask for approval from the PI.
To use your condo account to submit jobs, include the following line in your batch script:
#SBATCH --account=<condo-name>
You can also provide this option on the command line while submitting the job using sbatch:
$ sbatch --account=<condo-name> <batch-script>
Similarly, you can change the account while asking for interactive access too:
interact -a <condo-name> ... <other_options>
Condo account names are typically <groupname>-condo, and you can view a full list with the condos command on Oscar.
To see the running and pending jobs in a condo:
condo <condo-name>

Premium Account (priority) jobs

If you have a premium account, that should be your default QOS for submitting jobs. You can check if you have a premium account with the command groups. If you have a priority account you will see priority in your the output form groups.
You can check the qos for a running job by running the command myq. The QOS column should show "pri-<username>"
If you are interested in seeing all your accounts and associations, you can use the following command:
sacctmgr -p list assoc where user=<username>