Condo/Priority Jobs

Note: we do not provide users condo access by default if their group/PI has a condo on the system. You will have to explicitly request a condo access and we will ask for approval from the PI.

To use your condo account to submit jobs, please follow the steps below to check the association of your Oscar account and include condo information in your batch script or command line.

Step 1 - Check your account associations to find your condo Account and Partition information by running the following command:

sacctmgr -p list assoc where user=$USER | grep -E 'condo|Account|Partition'

In the example below, the user has access to two condos, where their Account and Partition are highlighted.

Cluster|Account|User|Partition|Share|Priority|GrpJobs|GrpTRES|GrpSubmit|GrpWall|GrpTRESMins|MaxJobs|MaxTRES|MaxTRESPerNode|MaxSubmit|MaxWall|MaxTRESMins|QOS|Def QOS|GrpTRESRunMins|



Step 2 - Choose the correct way to submit jobs to a condo according to the condo's Account column:

For batch script - Please include the following line:

#SBATCH --partition=<Partition>

For command line - You can also provide this option on the command line while submitting the job using sbatch:

$ sbatch --partition=<Partition> <batch-script>

For interactive session - Similarly, you can change the account while asking for interactive access too:

$ interact -q <Partition> ... <other_options>

To see the running and pending jobs in a condo:

condo <condo-name>

Premium Account (priority) jobs

If you have a premium account, that should be your default QOS for submitting jobs. You can check if you have a premium account with the command groups. If you have a priority account you will see priority in your the output form groups.

You can check the qos for a running job by running the command myq. The QOS column should show "pri-<username>"

If you are interested in seeing all your accounts and associations, you can use the following command:

sacctmgr -p list assoc where user=<username>

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