Setting Job Submission Settings

We have provided templates for you to use for job submission settings. These templates are in/gpfs/runtime/opt/forge/19.1.2/templates

Click Run and debug a program to open the following menu

Click Configure next to Submit to Queue and enter /gpfs/runtime/opt/forge/19.1.2/templates/slurm-ccv.qtf as the Submission template file

slurm-ccv-qtf lets you specify the total number of tasks. The number of tasks may not be equal for each node. This option will be the shortest time in the queue, but may not give you consistent run times.

slurm-ccv-mpi.qtf is for MPI jobs where you want to specify number of nodes and tasks per node

slurm-ccv-threaded.qtf is for threaded (single node) jobs

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