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SSH Key Login (Passwordless SSH)

This page describes how to set up SSH key authentication.

For passwordless SSH one must be connected to the VPN and use hostname

Mac / Linux

Step 1 : Check for existing SSH key pair

Before generating new SSH key pair first check if you have an SSH key on your local machine.

ls -al ~/.ssh/id_*.pub

If there are existing keys, please move to Step 3

Step 2 : Generate a new SSH Keypair

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Press Enter to accept the default file location and file name.

The ssh-keygen will ask you to type a secure passphrase. This is optional but we highly recommend it. If you don't want to use a passphrase just press Enter

Verify the SSH keys are generated correctly, you should see two files id_rsa and under ~/.ssh directory.

DO NOT upload or send the private key.

Step 3 : Copy the public key to Oscar

ssh-copy-id <username>

You will be prompted for a Password. The public key will be appended to the authorized_keys file on Oscar.

Step 4 : Login to Oscar using your SSH keys

ssh <username>

If everything went well, you will be logged in immediately.