Large Memory Computing

Submitting GPU Jobs

The Oscar GPUs are in a separate partition to the regular compute nodes. The partition is called gpu. To see how many jobs are running and pending in the gpu partition, use

allq gpu

Interactive use

To start an session on a GPU node, use the interact command and specify the gpu partition. You also need to specify the requested number of GPUs using the -g option:

interact -q gpu -g 1

Batch jobs

Here is an example batch script for a cuda job that uses 1 gpu and 1 cpu for 5 minutes

# Request a GPU partition node and access to 1 GPU
#SBATCH -p gpu --gres=gpu:1
# Request 1 CPU core
#SBATCH -n 1
#SBATCH -t 00:05:00
# Load a CUDA module
module load cuda
# Run program

To submit this script: