Account and Access

Oscar users will keep their access to Oscar as long as their Brown account are still active. To be able to access Oscar account after a user's Brown account is deactivated, the user needs to get an affiliate account through the department the user is associated.

It is the best that your affiliate account keeps the same username as your previous Brown account. Otherwise, please contact to migrate your Oscar account to your affiliate account.

If you are not able to connect to Oscar with your affiliate account, please contact for help.


Data Retention

Your data (directories and files) will stay in Oscar for one years after your Brown account is deactivated. After that your data will be archived.

Date Deletion

You may delete your data when you leave Brown University. Or you may request that CCV delete your data on Oscar, especially if you have lots of data.

A PI owns the PI's data directories and can delete all files there.

Retrieve Data

You can download data from Oscar following the instructions here. Globus is recommended for large data transfer.


If you are a PI and want to keep your priority accounts and/or data directories after leaving Brown University, please contact to update your billing information.

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