CCV Account Information

Account Usage

Oscar users are not permitted to:

  • Share their accounts or passwords with others or enable unauthorized users to access Center for Computation and Visualization resources

  • Use Center for Computation and Visualization resources for personal economic gain

  • Engage in unauthorized activity (e.g., cryto currency mining etc.) that intentionally impacts integrity of resources


Each user (premium or exploratory) gets 20GB Home Directory, 512GB short-term Scratch, and 256G Data directory (shared amongst the members of group)

  • Files in Scratch Directory not accessed for last 30 days are automatically purged. CCV only stores snapshots for 7 days after that files will be automatically deleted.

  • PI has the ultimate access to Data Directory - if a student leaves Brown the files in Data directory will be owned by the PI.

Software and Data

All software and data stored or used on Center hosted systems must be appropriately and legally acquired and must be used in compliance with applicable licensing terms. Unauthorized misuse or copying of copyrighted materials is prohibited.

Data Retention

CCV reserves the right to remove any data at any time and/or transfer data or other individuals (such as Principal Investigators working on a same or similar project) after a user account is deleted is no longer affiliated with Brown University.

Accounts Validity

  • Once created, Oscar accounts are valid for duration of one's Brown AD credentials

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