Large Memory Nodes on Oscar

Memory-Intensive Workloads

Users can check the nodes in a partition using this command nodes . As of May 2023 the Oscar cluster currently has following nodes in bigmem partition.

    NODES CORES  CPU/NODE  MEM     Features                           PARTITION
    2	  64	 32-cores  2095GB  32core,intel,scalable,cascade,edr  bigmem
    2	  64	 32-cores  753GB   32core,intel,scalable,cascade,edr  bigmem

All Oscar users have access to this partition, and can submit jobs to it. To submit batch jobs to large memory nodes, include the following in your batch script:

#SBATCH -p bigmem

To run an interactive job on large memory node, launch the interact command with the following flag:

$ interact -q bigmem

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