How to connect to Oscar and submit your first batch job

Connect to OSCAR

This guide assumes you have an Oscar account. To request an account see create an account.

The simplest way to connect to Oscar is via Open OnDemand (OOD). To connect to OOD, go to https://ood.ccv.brown.edu and log in using your Brown credentials. For more details on Open OnDemand click here.

Alternatively, you can connect to OSCAR via SSH (Terminal):

ssh <username>@ssh.ccv.brown.edu

Windows users need an SSH client like PuTTY installed. SSH is available by default on Linux and macOS. Click here for more details.

Submit a Job

You can submit a job using sbatch:

sbatch batch_scripts/hello.sh

You can confirm that your job ran successfully by running:

cat hello-*.out

For more detailed information on submitting jobs, see the Submitting Jobs section of the documentation.

Transfer Files

To get specific files on to / off of Oscar, read through the Transferring Files to and from Oscar page of the documentation.

Get Help

If you encounter problems while using Oscar, check out the Getting Help documentation, or read through the Overview page.

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