Restoring Deleted Files

Nightly snapshots of the file system are available for the last 5-7 days.
CCV does not guarantee that each of the last 7 days will be available in snapshots because occasionally the snapshot process does not complete within 24 hours.
Snapshots can be found in the following directories.
Home directory snapshot
Data directory snapshot
Scratch directory snapshot
To restore a file copy the file from the snapshot.
Do not use the links in your home directory snapshot to try and retrieve snapshots of data and scratch. The links will always point to the current versions of these files. An easy way to check what a link is pointing to is to use ls -l
ls -l /gpfs/.snapshots/2020-07-15/home/ghopper/data
lrwxrwxrwx 1 ghopper navy 22 Mar 1 2016 /gpfs/.snapshots/2020-07-15/ghopper/scratch -> /gpfs/data/navy