Using a CESM module

There are several versions of CESM available as modules

cesm/1.2.1 cesm/1.2.2 cesm/2.1.1

CESM2 is the current supported version by NCAR.

To load a particular version:

module load cesm/2.1.1

Be sure to load the dependencies - these are printed in the load message for the CESM module. For example for cesm/2.1.1

module load perl/5.18.2 intel/2020.2 netcdf/4.7.4_intel_2020.2_hdf5_1.12.0 hdf5/1.12.0_hpcx_2.7.0_intel_2020.2_slurm20 mpi/hpcx_2.7.0_intel_2020.2_slurm20 lapack/3.7.0 blas/3.7.0

The following example shows how to create a new case on Oscar.

create_newcase --case /gpfs/scratch/ccvtest/cesm2_C --res T62_g17 --compset C --machine oscar
./xmlchange JOB_WALLCLOCK_TIME=0:20:00 --subgroup

line 4. shows how to use xmlchange to change run options. For a full list of options you can change with xmlchange:

./xmlquery --listall

Note for CESM2 you can have a directory ~/.cime with your own cime files. Be aware of this if you are switching between your own install and the module install.

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