Getting Started

Getting Started with XNAT

If this is your first time using XNAT, here is a short outline of things you'll need to do!

1. Create an account using your Brown Credentials

2. Work with the MRF on your scan protocol and choosing a project name

We will match the naming of your scan protocol and your XNAT project so that your data automatically ends up in the right place after your scan

If you will be using our XNAT to BIDS conversion tools, your sequences on the scanner should be named in a "BIDS Ready" format. The BNC is happy to work with you to figure out the appropriate naming for your sequences.

3. Contact us to request a new XNAT project

3. Collect your data and send to XNATRELAY

At the scanner, send your collected data to XNATRELAY. This is an intermediate destination to guarantee data encryption during transfer. Your data will automatically be sent within a couple of hours.

If you are collecting multi-session data, follow these instructions to add a session label to your subject ID. This will allow XNAT to organize your data properly and avoid conflicts.

4. Check that ALL your data has been received and it is complete

Try your best to check the integrity of your data within a day. While it may take a couple of hours, it should not take longer than half a day. If you have not received your data, contact us!

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