Exporting to BIDS using Oscar

Interacting with Oscar

You can connect to Oscar via different methods. You can ssh using your terminal, you can connect via the Desktop GUI or OSCAR shell access apps on Open OnDemand(OOD), or if your editor can connect to remote servers, you can connect via your favorite IDE (VSCode is great!). If this is your first time using Oscar and you are new to unix command line, we recommend connecting via the Desktop GUI on Open OnDemand.

If you connect to Oscar via SSH or the OOD shell access app, you arrive at a login node, we will need to wrap our commands in a batch file or use an interactive session. You can learn more about running jobs in the Oscar docs. Please remember not to run processing on the login nodes

Installing XNAT2BIDS

🎉 Skip - You will not need to install any software. We keep a Singularity image of the most recent tagged release of xnat-toolsin Oscar. If this is the first time that you hear the word Singularity image don't worry, we will expand more on that soon.

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