๐Ÿ†•Oscar Utility Script

Oscar Scripts: Running XNAT2BIDS

This script is a Python-based command-line tool that is designed to help neuroimaging researchers streamline the process of converting data from XNAT into BIDS format. It takes a user-specified configuration file that specifies the parameters for configuring Oscar resources as well as running the conversion pipeline, which can be customized for each individual session. The script then compiles a list of command-line arguments based on the configuration file and runs the XNAT2BIDS conversion pipeline in a Singularity container. This script is the easiest way to run xnat2bids on multiple participants and/or scan sessions at once!

1. Start an interactive session

1.1 Desktop app on Open OnDemand


Connecting via the Desktop app on Open OnDemand is a friendly way to request an graphical interactive session in Brown's supercomputer - Oscar. When you request a new Desktop session, you will be asked to specify the necessary resources. For this example, you can choose the basic job with 2 Cores and 7GB Memory. Once logged in, you are already inside an interactive session.

Once your requested session is running, you can launch it by clicking the Launch Desktop button.

At this point, simply open the terminal.

1.2 SSH

To instead connect via SSH, you type ssh username@ssh.ccv.brown.edu from a terminal on your local machine. If this is your first time connecting via ssh, you will be asked to trust the remote computer (Oscar), your Brown credentials, and unless you are connected to VPN, you will be required to use DUO.

At this point you arrive at a login node. We will need to start an interactive session/job by typing

interact -n 2 -t 01:00:00 -m 8g

This starts an interactive job for one hour.

2. BNC Utility Scripts: run_xnat2bids.py

The BNC maintains a collection of helpful scripts on Oscar which can be found at: /oscar/data/bnc/shared/scripts/oscar-scripts

This documentation outlines user instructions to run the run_xnat2bids.py script, which makes it simple to launch the xnat2bids DICOM to BIDS conversion pipeline.

3. Configuring Slurm and XNAT2BIDS

Before we are ready to kick off the script, it will be necessary to understand how each job is configured. Each job consists of two essential pieces: the program and the resources it needs to successfully execute. Some common resources that we will assign for our job are time, memory, cpus-per-task, and the number of compute nodes we want to allocate. In this case, our program of interest will be xnat2bids, so we will need to configure its parameter options, as well.

Previously, to runxnat2bidsas a batch job, users had to provide an SBATCH script to thesbatchcommand. For more information on how to run batch jobs on Oscar, please refer to this link: https://docs.ccv.brown.edu/oscar/submitting-jobs/batch

To avoid the hassle of managing complex SBATCH scripts, we are leveraging the simplicity of TOML (Tom's Obvious Minimal Language) for specifying our configuration parameters.

We provide a default configuration of carefully chosen parameters that should likely never change. If you suspect your jobs will require more allocated resources than specified here, you can override those arguments in your own user-defined configuration file!

Take a look at our default configuration file x2b_default_config.toml:

time = "04:00:00"
mem = 16000
nodes = 1
cpus-per-task = 2
job-name = "xnat2bids"


4.0 Running XNAT2BIDS

4.1 Create Your Own Custom Config

Open a new file in your favorite text editor, save it as something ending in .toml like x2b_my_first_config.toml, and paste in the following:

mail-user = "example-user@brown.edu"
mail-type = "ALL"

To open VSCode in an interactive desktop, open a terminal with a right click followed by selecting 'Open Terminal Here". Next, run the command: module load vscode

To launch VSCode, run code on the command line.

Update the value of example-user to be your e-mail. This will allow you to receive notifications on the status of your jobs!

For further details on all available slurm parameter options, see Slurm's documentation here: https://slurm.schedmd.com/sbatch.html

NOTE: By default, SBATCH output logs will be located at: ~/scratch/logs/

If you would like your logs to live somewhere else, update your configuration as follows:


4.2 Update Config with XNAT2BIDS Arguments

Next, you'll need to configure what arguments to pass to xnat2bids, such as the session (or comma-separated list of sessions) you would like to process, as well as any other arguments.

Paste the following text into your config file:

sessions = ["XNAT_E00080", "XNAT_E00114", "XNAT_E00152"]

Here, we are setting the sessions to be processed as , XNAT_E00114, and XNAT_E00152 , which are the XNAT Accession numbers for subject 004 and subject 005 (sessions 1 and 2) in our BNC demo dataset. Notice that by defining skipseq, we are choosing to process everything except the scan with a "series description" on XNAT of "anat-t1w_acq-memprage". You can skip or include particular scans either by their series description like this, or by their scan number on XNAT (i.e. includeseq = [7,10]).

4.2.1 (Optional) Specify sessions to process with Project ID and Subject IDs rather than Accession numbers

To process all sessions from a given project, you only need to add the Project ID to your config files's project field. If you only would like to process sessions from a subset of a project's subjects, add the subjects field with a list of one or more Subject IDs. If you specify a project and subject(s) this way, you do not need to include a "sessions" list of Accession numbers.

mail-user = "example-user@brown.edu"
mail-type = "ALL"

subjects=["004", "005"]

NOTE: If exporting sessions by Subject IDs, the subjects field must be accompanied by a valid Project ID in the project field.

NOTE: Here, overwrite=true will tell xnat2bids to reprocess any existing session exports specified in your config file. Enabling the verbose=1 flag will turn on DEBUG logging for your script and signal xnat2bids to output more detailed printing to your logs.

4.2.2 (Optional) Define Custom Parameters for Each Session

There may be the case in which you would like to add new arguments or override default parameters for processing a given sessionโ€”for instance, defining logging verbosity levels or including or excluding certain sequences.

Add the following to the bottom of your config file:

includeseq=[19, 21]



NOTE: The section name must match an entry in your sessions list. Each session will inherit all default parameters and those specified under [xnat2bids-args], overriding when necessary. At the moment, you need to provide a sessions list of Accession numbers (rather than Project/Subject IDs) if you want to define custom parameters for each session.

4.2.3 (Optional) Executing Pipeline Components Separately: Export Only or Skip Export Flags

If you're only interested in exporting your data from XNAT without converting your DICOM data into BIDS, you can add the following entry to your user config:


Similarly, if you would like to BIDS-convert data already exported to Oscar, you can add the following entry to your user config:


Here is a comprehensive list of all available options:

project TEXT: Project ID from XNAT

subjects LIST[TEXT]: List of one or more subjects. Corresponds with the "last name" provided when registering the participant on the scanner, which becomes the "subject" ID on XNAT. If subjects parameter is specified, project must also be specified.

sessions LIST[TEXT]: List of one or more Accession #s found on XNAT

bids_root TEXT: Root output directory for exporting the files [default: ~/bids-export/]

version TEXT: Version of xnat-tools [default: latest]

host TEXT: XNAT's URL [default: https://xnat.bnc.brown.edu]

bidsmap-file TEXT: Bidsmap JSON file to correct sequence names

includeseq LIST[INTEGERS or STRINGS]: Include this sequence(s) only

skipseq LIST[INTEGERS or STRINGS]: Exclude this sequence(s) from processing

log-id TEXT: ID or suffix to append to logfile. If empty, current date is used [default: current date - MM-DD-YYYY-HH-MM-SS]

verbose INTEGER: Verbose level, from 0 (quiet) to 2 (most verbose) [default: 0]

overwrite BOOLEAN: Remove directories where prior results for this session/participant [default: false]

export-only BOOLEAN: Export DICOM data from XNAT without BIDS conversion [default: false]

skip-export BOOLEAN: Skip DICOM export and initiate BIDS conversion [default: false]

NOTE: When working with multi-value parameters like includeseq and skipseq, you also have the option to specify a range of values instead of individually listing them. To achieve this, utilize a string format rather than a list format, as demonstrated in the example below:


NOTE: By default, the root output directory for DICOM exports and converted BIDS files will be /users/<your-user-name>/bids-export/. If you prefer a different path to your data, you can define BIDS_ROOT in your [xnat2bids-args]list as following: bids_root="/path/to/bids-export"

NOTE: By default, run_xnat2bids uses the latest version of xnat-tools xnat2bids, unless specified under [xnat2bids-args] with the following format: version="vX.X.X"

4.3 Running XNAT2BIDS

Now that you have a complete configuration file like this, you are ready to run the pipeline!

mail-user = "example-user@brown.edu"
mail-type = "ALL"

sessions = ["XNAT_E00080", "XNAT_E00114", "XNAT_E00152"]

includeseq=[19, 21]



See the steps below (#6.0-running-the-xnat2bids-script -> #6.3-running-with-custom-configuration) to launch run_xnat2bids.py with this custom config.

4.4 Verify Output

In your terminal, you should immediately see the following print statements:

DEBUG: {'message': 'Argument List', 'session': 'XNAT_E00152', 'slurm_param_list': ['--time 04:00:00', '--mem 16000', '--nodes 1', '--cpus-per-task 2', '--job-name xnat2bids', '--mail-user elizabeth_lorenc@brown.edu', '--mail-type ALL', '--output /gpfs/scratch/elorenc1/logs/%x-XNAT_E00152-%J.txt'], 'x2b_param_list': ['XNAT_E00152', '/users/elorenc1/bids-export/', '--host https://xnat.bnc.brown.edu', '--user elorenc1', '--skipseq anat-t1w_acq-memprage', '--overwrite', '--verbose']}
DEBUG: {'message': 'Executing xnat2bids', 'session': 'XNAT_E00152', 'command': ['sbatch', '--time', '04:00:00', '--mem', '16000', '--nodes', '1', '--cpus-per-task', '2', '--job-name', 'xnat2bids', '--mail-user', 'elizabeth_lorenc@brown.edu', '--mail-type', 'ALL', '--output', '/gpfs/scratch/elorenc1/logs/%x-XNAT_E00152-%J.txt', '--wrap', 'apptainer', 'exec', '--no-home', '-B', '/users/elorenc1/bids-export/', '/gpfs/data/bnc/simgs/brownbnc/xnat-tools-v1.6.0.sif', 'xnat2bids', '[XNAT_E00152,', '/users/elorenc1/bids-export/,', '--host,', 'https://xnat.bnc.brown.edu,', '--user,', 'elorenc1,', '--skipseq,', 'anat-t1w_acq-memprage,', '--overwrite,', '--verbose]']}
INFO: Launched 3 xnat2bids jobs
INFO: Job IDs: 11801791 11801792 11801793
INFO: Launched 1 bids-validator job to check BIDS compliance
INFO: Job ID: 11801794
INFO: Processed Scans Located At: /users/elorenc1/bids-export/

Check /oscar/scratch/<your-username>/logs/ for four new log files

  • xnat2bids-XNAT_E00114-<JOB-ID>.txt

  • xnat2bids-XNAT_E00080-<JOB-ID>.txt

  • xnat2bids-XNAT_E00152-<JOB-ID>.txt

  • bids-validator-<JOB-ID>.txt

The contents of each xnat2bids log should look similar to this:

## SLURM PROLOG ###############################################################
##    Job ID : 11801792
##  Job Name : xnat2bids
##  Nodelist : node1745
##      CPUs : 2
##  Mem/Node : 16000 MB
## Directory : /oscar/home/elorenc1/scripts
##   Job Started : Tue Oct 24 16:24:55 EDT 2023
2023-10-24 16:24:57 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO Removing existing xnat-export session directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/xnat-export/sub-005/ses-session1
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO Making output xnat-export session directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/xnat-export/sub-005/ses-session1
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.xnat_utils[243735] INFO ------------------------------------------------
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.xnat_utils[243735] INFO Get scans.
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.xnat_utils[243735] INFO ------------------------------------------------
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO bids_session_dir: /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/xnat-export/sub-005/ses-session1
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO BIDSNAME: anat-T1w_acq-memprageRMS
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO Making scan DICOM directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/xnat-export/sub-005/ses-session1/anat-T1w_acq-memprageRMS.
2023-10-24 16:25:02 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu xnat_tools.bids_utils[243735] INFO Downloading files
2023-10-24 16:25:03 node1745.oscar.ccv.brown.edu py.warnings[243735] WARNING /usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/xnat_tools/bids_utils.py:351: UserWarning: Changed DICOM HEADER[ProtocolName and SeriesDescription]:             anat-t1w_acq-memprage -> anat-T1w_acq-memprageRMS             anat-t1w_acq-memprage RMS -> anat-T1w_acq-memprageRMS

Get project and subject information
Subject ID: XNAT_S00111
Session Suffix:  SESSION1
Subject label: 005
Overwrite - Removing heudi session directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/sub-005/ses-session1
Overwrite - Removing sourcedata session directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/sourcedata/sub-005/ses-session1
Overwrite - Removing hidden session directory /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/.heudiconv/005/ses-session1
Executing Heudiconv command: heudiconv -f reproin --bids     -o /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids     --dicom_dir_template /users/elorenc1/bids-export//bnc/study-demodat/xnat-export/sub-{subject}/ses-{session}/*/*.dcm     --subjects 005 --ses session1 --overwrite
INFO: Running heudiconv version 0.13.1 latest 1.0.0
INFO: Need to process 1 study sessions
INFO: PROCESSING STARTS: {'subject': '005', 'outdir': '/users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/', 'session': 'session1'}
INFO: Processing 369 dicoms
INFO: Analyzing 369 dicoms
INFO: Filtering out 0 dicoms based on their filename
INFO: Generated sequence info for 4 studies with 369 entries total
INFO: Processing 4 seqinfo entries
INFO: Post-treating /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/sub-005/ses-session1/dwi/sub-005_ses-session1_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.json file
INFO: Adding "IntendedFor" to the fieldmaps in /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/sub-005/ses-session1.
INFO: Populating template files under /users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/
INFO: PROCESSING DONE: {'subject': '005', 'outdir': '/users/elorenc1/bids-export/bnc/study-demodat/bids/', 'session': 'session1'}
Done with Heudiconv BIDS Convesion.

The contents of your bids-validator log should look like this:

## SLURM PROLOG ###############################################################
##    Job ID : 11801794
##  Job Name : bids-validator
##  Nodelist : node1742
##      CPUs : 2
##  Mem/Node : 16000 MB
## Directory : /oscar/home/elorenc1/scripts
##   Job Started : Tue Oct 24 16:34:02 EDT 2023
(node:148510) Warning: Closing directory handle on garbage collection
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
	1: [WARN] Tabular file contains custom columns not described in a data dictionary (code: 82 - CUSTOM_COLUMN_WITHOUT_DESCRIPTION)
			Evidence: Columns: TODO -- fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired not defined, please define in: /events.json, /task-checks_events.json,/run-01_events.json,/task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/sub-005_ses-session1_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/sub-005_ses-session1_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/func/sub-005_ses-session1_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/func/sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/func/sub-005_ses-session1_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session1/func/sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_events.json
			Evidence: Columns: TODO -- fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired not defined, please define in: /events.json, /task-checks_events.json,/run-01_events.json,/task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_run-01_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_events.json
			Evidence: Columns: TODO -- fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired not defined, please define in: /events.json, /task-checks_events.json,/run-02_events.json,/task-checks_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-checks_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_run-02_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_events.json
			Evidence: Columns: TODO -- fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired not defined, please define in: /events.json, /task-motionloc_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-motionloc_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_events.json
			Evidence: Columns: TODO -- fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired not defined, please define in: /events.json, /task-resting_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_events.json,/sub-005/sub-005_task-resting_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_events.json,/sub-005/ses-session2/func/sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_events.json

	Please visit https://neurostars.org/search?q=CUSTOM_COLUMN_WITHOUT_DESCRIPTION for existing conversations about this issue.

	2: [WARN] Not all subjects contain the same sessions. (code: 97 - MISSING_SESSION)
			Evidence: Subject: sub-004; Missing session: ses-session1
			Evidence: Subject: sub-004; Missing session: ses-session2
			Evidence: Subject: sub-005; Missing session: ses-01

	Please visit https://neurostars.org/search?q=MISSING_SESSION for existing conversations about this issue.

	3: [WARN] The recommended file /README is very small. Please consider expanding it with additional information about the dataset. (code: 213 - README_FILE_SMALL)

	Please visit https://neurostars.org/search?q=README_FILE_SMALL for existing conversations about this issue.

        Summary:                Available Tasks:                          Available Modalities: 
        65 Files, 1.21GB        checks                                    MRI                   
        2 - Subjects            motionloc                                                       
        3 - Sessions            TODO: full task name for checks                                 
                                TODO: full task name for motionloc                              
                                TODO: full task name for resting                                

	If you have any questions, please post on https://neurostars.org/tags/bids.

4.5 Check BIDS Processed Data

Go to your ~/bids-export directory to check your exported DICOM data and processed BIDS directory structure! It should look like this:

|-- dataset_description.json
|-- participants.json
|-- participants.tsv
|-- scans.json
|-- sourcedata
|   |-- README
|   |-- sub-004
|   |   `-- ses-01
|   |       |-- dwi
|   |       |   `-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.dicom.tgz
|   |       `-- fmap
|   |           `-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.dicom.tgz
|   `-- sub-005
|       |-- ses-session1
|       |   |-- anat
|       |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.dicom.tgz
|       |   |-- dwi
|       |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.dicom.tgz
|       |   |-- fmap
|       |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-boldGRE_magnitude.dicom.tgz
|       |   `-- func
|       |       `-- sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_bold.dicom.tgz
|       `-- ses-session2
|           |-- anat
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-aascoutMPRcor_scout.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-aascoutMPRsag_scout.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-aascoutMPRtra_scout.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-aascout_scout.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-localizer_scout.dicom.tgz
|           |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.dicom.tgz
|           |-- dwi
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_dwi.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.dicom.tgz
|           |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_sbref.dicom.tgz
|           |-- fmap
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_magnitude.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_phasediff.dicom.tgz
|           |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-ap_epi.dicom.tgz
|           |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.dicom.tgz
|           `-- func
|               |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_bold.dicom.tgz
|               |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_bold.dicom.tgz
|               |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_bold.dicom.tgz
|               `-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_bold.dicom.tgz
|-- sub-004
|   `-- ses-01
|       |-- dwi
|       |   |-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.bval
|       |   |-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.bvec
|       |   |-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.json
|       |   `-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.nii.gz
|       |-- fmap
|       |   |-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.json
|       |   `-- sub-004_ses-01_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.nii.gz
|       `-- sub-004_ses-01_scans.tsv
|-- sub-005
|   |-- ses-session1
|   |   |-- anat
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.json
|   |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.nii.gz
|   |   |-- dwi
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.json
|   |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.nii.gz
|   |   |-- fmap
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-boldGRE_magnitude1.json
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-boldGRE_magnitude1.nii.gz
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-boldGRE_magnitude2.json
|   |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_acq-boldGRE_magnitude2.nii.gz
|   |   |-- func
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_bold.json
|   |   |   |-- sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_bold.nii.gz
|   |   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_task-checks_run-01_events.tsv
|   |   `-- sub-005_ses-session1_scans.tsv
|   `-- ses-session2
|       |-- anat
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.json
|       |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-memprageRMS_T1w.nii.gz
|       |-- dwi
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_dwi.bval
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_dwi.bvec
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_dwi.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_dwi.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-ap_sbref.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.bval
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.bvec
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_dwi.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_sbref.json
|       |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-b1500_dir-pa_sbref.nii.gz
|       |-- fmap
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_magnitude1.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_magnitude1.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_magnitude2.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_magnitude2.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_phasediff.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-boldGRE_phasediff.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-ap_epi.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-ap_epi.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.json
|       |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_acq-diffSE_dir-pa_epi.nii.gz
|       |-- func
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_bold.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_bold.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-01_events.tsv
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_bold.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_bold.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-checks_run-02_events.tsv
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_bold.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_bold.nii.gz
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-motionloc_events.tsv
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_bold.json
|       |   |-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_bold.nii.gz
|       |   `-- sub-005_ses-session2_task-resting_events.tsv
|       `-- sub-005_ses-session2_scans.tsv
|-- task-checks_bold.json
|-- task-motionloc_bold.json
`-- task-resting_bold.json

5.0 Running XNAT2BIDS (Sync Data Directory)

5.1 Overview

Unlike the previous methods, which rely on uploading data by Accession ID, this feature automates the process by analyzing the existing projects in your data directory along with their associated subjects and sessions, and then performs a diff operation to identify and fetch missing sessions that exist remotely on XNAT.

5.2 Updating Session Files Resources

The script will check the insertion date and time for every session on XNAT. If the filesystem export date of your project data on Oscar precedes the insertion time of the session into XNAT, we can assume that the session needs to be synced with XNAT.

NOTE: If you manually add resources or scan data to your project after your data has been sent to XNAT, XNAT will not automatically update the insertion time according to the latest update. If you would like to use the script to sync such data, you will need to update the date field in XNAT for the given session that you want to sync.

To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Open XNAT and route to the session page which you would like to sync

  2. Select edit from the Actions panel as shown below.

  3. Update the "Date" field to the current date, or date of manual change.

  4. Select "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

5.3 Running XNAT2BIDS Data Sync

See #6.4 Running to Sync Data Directory for details on how to run.

See #6.5 Running to Diff Data Directory if you would like to see what projects would be updated and what new sessions would be processed without executing. This will give you a report of what session data exists on XNAT that is not present in your data directory.

6.0 Running the XNAT2BIDS Script

6.1 Load Anaconda Module Into Environment

From the command line, run the following:

module load anaconda/latest

6.2 Running with Defaults Only

If the default values for resource allocation are suitable and you do not need to pass any specific arguments to xnat2bids, you may run the script as follows:

python /oscar/data/bnc/shared/scripts/oscar-scripts/run_xnat2bids.py

Since, by default, no sessions are flagged for processing, you will immediately be prompted to enter a Session ID to proceed. If you would like to process multiple sessions simultaneously, you can enter them as a comma-separated string. Here's an example:

Enter Session(s) (comma separated): XNAT_E00080, XNAT_E00114,  XNAT_E00152

After your jobs have completed, you can find all DICOM export and BIDS output data at the following location: /oscar/scratch/<your_username>/bids-export/

Likewise, logs can be found at /oscar/scratch/<your_username>/logs/ under the following format: xnat2bids-<session-id>-<array-job-id>.txt

6.3 Running with Custom Configuration

To load a custom parameters, use --config to specify your custom configuration file.

python /oscar/data/bnc/shared/scripts/oscar-scripts/run_xnat2bids.py --config <example_user_config.toml> 

6.4 Running to Sync Data Directory

To sync your data directory, use --update alongside the path to the root of your BIDS directory.

If you are passing in a configuration file where bids_root is defined, or if your data directory is ~/bids-export, there is no need to pass <BIDS_ROOT> as an argument alongside --update.

python /oscar/data/bnc/shared/scripts/oscar-scripts/run_xnat2bids.py --update <BIDS_ROOT> 

6.5 Running to Diff Data Directory

To get a report of any project data on XNAT that is not present in your data directory, use the --diff flag alongside the path to the root of your BIDS directory.

you are passing in a configuration file where bids_root is defined, or if your data directory is ~/bids-export, there is no need to pass <BIDS_ROOT> as an argument alongside --diff.

python /oscar/data/bnc/shared/scripts/oscar-scripts/run_xnat2bids.py --diff <BIDS_ROOT> 

NOTE: For helpful debugging statements containing the executed command and argument lists to be printed to your terminal, make sure verbose >= 1 in your configuration's [xnat2bids-args] list.

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