Getting Started

We provide custom code and sample data to export your XNAT imaging session to BIDS format. Our process relies on few basic principles:


Before exporting, you'll need to have available, XNAT authentication and session information as well as our software.

1. Familiarize with BNC's Demo Dataset

We will use the BNC's Demo Dataset in the following walk-through examples. It is helpful to be familiar with the general description and protocol details of the data

1. XNAT Login Information

If you have not registered to use our XNAT, please follow instructions here

  • XNAT Username

  • XNAT Password

2. Image Session Identifier

In order to export an imaging session, we need to find XNAT's ID for that session. You can do so as follows:

2.1 Navigate to project of interest

2.2 Navigate to subject of interest

2.3 Navigate to MR Session

2.4. Find Accession #

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