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Project Creation in XNAT

Typically, every protocol tree created at the scanner will be associated with only one XNAT project. Currently XNAT Projects can only be created by an BNC XNAT administrator.
At the moment all projects must be created in XNAT RELAY. The XNAT's relay is only accessible by administrators and it has automated scripts that will automatically create matching projects in the public instance when a new project is created

0. Select New-> Project

In the top bar navigation select New, then Project

1. Fill Project Details

Form for filing New Project Details
Please refer to the prior section to understand Project Title, Running Title and Project ID
You will want to add the faculty and primary graduate student as investigators in order to set up correct access permissions in the public XNAT.

1. 1 Project Primary Investigator and Other Investigators

Project PI and Other Investigators are used to keep record of project ownership. While on the relay side we do not have any users, PI and project investigators on the relay are used to grant access to appropriate users on the public XNAT instance.
Primary Investigator: The PI should be the faculty who owns the data.
Other Investigators: Anyone else who needs access to this project on the server. i.e. graduate students, postdocs

Creating additional investigators

Select Create Investigator
Fill out the form to create a new investigator.
If the investigator's First Name and Last Name match the appropriate user on the xnat server (, then that user will have access to the project. To check the user details on the server, log in as an administrator on and then go to Administer -> users.

2. Project Access

Typically most projects should be accessible only by study members, therefore confirm that the accessibility for the project is set to Private
Project Accessibility Settings

3. Granting access to project owners

If at the time of a project's creation, both the project owner is an XNAT user and the Investigators have been added correctly, this step should be unnecessary. However, if you need to manually add users to a project, simply visit the Access Tab under the Project page and search for the user you wish to add.
Access tab, where project members can be added