Install R/Python Packages from Local File

The following steps are helpful to install the packages when you need to install a package which is not available from Brown Package Archive Mirrors. For example, you may need to install an R package from GitHub repo. But the remotes::install_github("<package_name>") command doesn't work on the Stronghold workstation. You can follow the instruction below to download and transfer the package to your Stronghold workstation and install it from there.

1. Download the package to local machine.

For example, if the package is a Git repo, that can be downloaded via the git clone command:

git clone

2. Please follow the Data Import instruction to transfer the package file from local machine to your personal directory or a shared directory on Stronghold workstation.

3. Install the downloaded package on Stronghold workstation.

Please use the following commands in a terminal to install the downloaded R/Python package:

Start an R session in the terminal, and install the downloaded package via install.packages command:

> install.packages("/<file_path>/<package_name>/", repos = NULL, type = "source")

Installing a specific package may require loading other dependent modules.

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