HTTPS Direct Downloads


Data sets can be downloaded from the web directly to a tenant’s xfer server. This functionality is not enabled by default and has some caveats. Download functionality will need to be explicitly requested by the PI for CIS to enable it. CIS will also need to know where the data will be downloaded from so the IP addresses can be whitelisted on the campus firewall and on the xfer server. These direct download sessions are not as restricted as SFTP logins, so we limit access only to members of a special download group sh_<tenant>_dwnld. FastX 2 (from Brown Software Catalog) client software will need to be installed on the user’s local workstation. Here's how it works:
    Create SSH Connection by configuring FastX 2 with your information
    Start Firefox or Filezilla Session from FastX 2 to access data
    Transfer data from Xfer server to workstation


1. Create SSH Connection

Run FastX 2 from your local workstation
Click the + icon and select SSH
FastX Window
Complete the SSH connection fields.
Replace <tenant> with your assigned tenant and <username>with the username used to access Stronghold . The Name field can be filled in with any name you would like to call your session and Sci should be left blank. We recommend calling your session <tenant>-download where you replace <tenant> with your assigned tenant.
Click Save
    Name: <name>
    Host: <tenant>
    Port: 2223
    User: <username>
SSH Connection Window
You will be prompted for your password and then a Duo two-factor confirmation.
FastX Password Window
Next you will see what looks like another password prompt, but if you read the text you’ ll see it’s actually prompting you to select a Duo authentication method. Enter the number of your choice and click Continue. Confirm your Duo authentication in the manner you selected.
Duo Passcode Window
The first time you log into this service, you may see a message regarding the authenticity of the the host. Enter “yes” in the text field and click “Continue”.

2. Start Firefox or Filezilla Session

Click the + icon, select Firefox or Filezilla and click OK.
FastX Sessions
    Use Firefox to navigate to one of your whitelisted websites or use Filezilla to create an SFTP session to one of your whitelisted servers
    Files are downloaded to your ~/Downloads directory by default. The files need to be stored here in order to be imported
    When you’re done with the download, you should exit or “X” out of Firefox or Filezilla. Skipping this step may prevent the data from being properly virus scanned and moved to the import area.

3. Transfer Data from Xfer Server to Environment

You can then log into your Stronghold workstation to complete the transfer by following the Transferring Import Data from Xfer Server to Workstation section in our Data Imports guide. You will need to be part of the sh_<tenant>_import_r group to finish the transfer to your workstation. Your file will be under theimport/<username> directory.
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