RDP Gateway from Mac

The RDP gateway allows users to access Windows workstations in a Stronghold tenant without connecting to the Brown VPN. This service is intended for users who experience a degradation in performance while they are connected to the VPN.
Please confirm with [email protected] if RDP gateway is enabled for your tenant before following these instructions.
We do not recommend connecting to the RDP gateway if you are already connected to a Brown compliant network (Brown wifi, wired connection on campus or Brown VPN ). The additional overhead from the RDP gateway will lead to further degradation in performance.
Follow the instructions below to setup the connection to an RDP gateway


1. Download RDC for Mac

Mac users can get the RDC client from the Apple store using this Download Link

2. Set up a new PC

  1. 1.
    Open the Remote Desktop Client (RDC) on the Mac
  2. 2.
    Click the "+" sign -> Add PC . A new window titled "Add PC" should pop up.
3. Enter the Stronghold tenant name in the "PC name" field in the new window. Add a friendly name like " <tenant> RDP gateway" in the Friendly name field.
4. Click the "User Account" drop down menu and click "Add User Account ...". A new window should pop up.
5. Enter "AD\<username>" in the Username field. Enter your password in the Password field. Click "Add" to save this user credentials.
6. On the General tab, click the "Gateway" dropdown menu -> Click "Add Gateway ...". A new window should pop now.
7. Enter "" in the "Gateway name" field and choose the user account you just added in step 5 in "User account". Click Add.
8. Click "Add" in the "Add PC" window to save this workstation.

One-time setup for this tenant is now complete.

This new PC should be listed on your Remote Desktop client under the "PCs" tab. You can double click it to launch the workstation. You will be asked for two factor authentication from the RDP gateway as well as the workstation itself. Complete this process to connect to the workstation.