Hibernate Overview

Long Term Archive Solution

OIT is in the process of redesigning the underlying infrastructure of our Hibernate service, to manage an unexpected end of support by one of our storage vendors. To prepare to migrate our archived data to a new back-end system, we are anticipating an extended outage of the Hibernate service.

What does this mean to you?

  • You can still continue to submit Hibernate archive requests.

  • Based on your archive requests, the relevant folder quota(s) will be increased temporarily until the migration is complete. There will be no cost associated with this temporary increase.

  • After we convert to the new archive platform, we will revert back to your original quota.

  • Hibernate restore/delete features are NOT affected during this period.

Hibernate is a Brown OIT archival service for the research community to migrate inactive data off active NAS platforms onto a lower-cost, long-term retention environment. Data will be archived on two geographically separated Object Archive platforms to provide at least two copies of data.

Data on the following storage platforms can be archived:

Hibernate has the following attributes:

  • Archive - move a directory to hibernate storage (archive)

  • Delete - delete a directory from primary storage (files22, files, lrs, rdata, etc)

  • Recover - retrieve a directory or file from hibernate storage (archive)

Brown VPN is required to access Hibernate Service.

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