Share Data

Sharing data/collections makes it possible for multiple users to access and manipulate the same data with ease.

Sharing with a user or a Group:

If you do not already have a group or you want to create a new group with whom you will share data, follow the official Globus documentation for group creation.

To share data/collections with a group, follow the official Globus documentation.

in Step 5, the two 'Add Permissions - Share With' figures should have one more option: public (anonymous), as shown in the figure below:

To share data/collections using a link, click on the link icon:

A new menu should appear in the center of the screen:

Select from the download/access options and then click on the blue clipboard icon to the right of the link to copy the link.

You can now share the file/folder you selected by sharing that link with other Globus users.

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