Globus Connect Personal

You can create an endpoint on your personal computer.
Note if you are using Globus Connect Personal for a transfer to/from your machine, Globus personal will need to stay running on your machine for the transfer to complete.

Install Globus Connect Personal

1. Download Globus Connect Personal for your computer from
2. Install Globus Connect Personal on your computer.

Setup Globus Connect Personal

1. Start Globus Connect Personal, then click the 'Log In' button (Figure 1).
Figure 1. Login
2. Select the login for your Globus Connect Personal. We click the 'Sign in with Google' in this example (Figure 2).
Figure 2. Select Login
3. Select the google account to log in (Figure 3).
Figure 3. Select Google Account
4. Once logged in, click the 'Continue' button (Figure 4).
Figure 4. Continue Setup
5. Click the 'Continue' button to complete your Sign up (Figure 5).
Figure 5. Complete Sign Up
6. Click the 'Allow' button to grant permissions (Figure 6).
Figure 6. Grant Permission
7. Enter your collection name in the 'Collection Name' text box and then click the 'Save' button (Figure 7).
8. Now your home directory on your personal computer is listed (Figure 8).