Starfish is a software application for managing files and objects at any scale. Starfish enables users to view all their storage allocations across multiple platforms in a single view and to participate in storage management and content classification.
Some of the key features of Starfish are
  • Metadata and content classification
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data usage insights
    • Types/sizes of files, access times
    • Hot Spots (Growth, user(s)/Group(s)
  • Data migration
  • Archive and recovery
Starfish uses 'zones' to facilitate researchers with their own unique view of storage. A 'zone' combines storage owned by a researcher on different storage platforms providing a holistic view. So, to begin using Hibernate service, a PI/researcher should request a zone that also provides access to the Starfish tool.
Today, the Starfish tool can provide insight into the following storage platforms:
  • oscar
  • nfs*
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